Where Unprecedented Customization And Legacy Visions Align.

Halite Partners, LLC is a registered investment adviser which provides unprecedented investment advisory and planning services for families and institutions.

For the most discerning investors who choose to join us, we will expose you to an unprecedented - and to most, unobtainable - level of customization to help your portfolio reach its true potential.


This journey is about much more than access for us. Our passion is to harness the influence of institutions who do good and to strengthen the power of individuals whose morals and legacy visions align. The end result ensures we leave our world a better place for generations to come.

Our Promise

We founded Halite with the intention of establishing the kind of partnership that transcends the traditional advisor/client relationship. Only the most discerning investors will choose to work with Halite; for those who do, we focus on helping you achieve the financial goals specific to your needs. We pledge unwavering fellowship, curiosity, warriorship, innovation, discernment, and independence in our partnerships and are fully committed to helping you, your family, or your institution leave your world a better place.

No. 1


We are a diverse group of individuals with unique sets of skills. Together we create a fellowship amongst our friends and colleagues that transcends conventional investment relationships to help our clients’ portfolios reach their true potential.

No. 2


We never stop asking questions and searching for answers to better understand you and your financial life goals. Our curiosity drives an awareness that allows us to better align our investment strategies to your intentions.

No. 3


We fight for our clients against all odds. We use our courage and a warrior’s discipline to choose our battles wisely and to stay focused on our clients’ ultimate goals.

No. 4


We pursue innovative strategies to offer you cutting-edge options that maximize the potential of your portfolio.

No. 5


It’s what we demand of ourselves and ask of you — the crucial perception and recognition of what is different and what is right.

No. 6


Investment management is our sole business. We exemplify what it means to be a fiduciary. We refuse to engage in any activity or relationship that might jeopardize our conflict-free business model.