Investment Strategy

At Halite, our dedicated investment team spends 100% of their time on investment strategy and research. Halite principals have over 40 years of experience successfully managing institutional and family wealth assets. In addition, your investment strategy is designed by a team solely dedicated to investment strategy. Our investment team, led by Chief Investment Officer Lee Caleshu, has significant direct investing and risk management experience.

The Halite Investment Difference

At Halite, our holistic approach to your financial goals allows us to have a complete picture of not just your investments, but also the risks associated. Our industry-leading technology gives us a holistic and current view of your portfolio, giving us the opportunity to impact your investments real-time instead of waiting for traditional hindsight reporting.

We understand that time is money, and therefore the opportunity to act faster and in real-time means significant value for our investors.


Our Investment Philosophy Follows 5 Key Guidelines

1. Invest For The Long Term

Extensive research has uncovered that market fluctuations caused by short-term “noise” do not accurately reflect value. Thus, we believe strategic allocations of capital must be made with a long-term perspective. Instead of following momentary trends, our focus lies entirely on fundamental thinking that is essential to achieving long-term objectives.

2. Strive For A Margin Of Safety

We build portfolios by investing in assets that we believe to be intrinsically undervalued, which means the true value of the asset exceeds the price we pay to own it. These valuation considerations are key to making sensible investment decisions.

3. Exploit Dislocations

We work to continuously monitor the global investment landscape for market dislocations caused by regulatory changes, liquidity and leverage issues, stretched investment factors, and overly optimistic or pessimistic assumptions. We then identify implementable investment opportunities that we expect to mitigate risk and/or increase return.

4. Construct Diversified Portfolios

We strongly believe prudent diversification of uncorrelated sources of return is the optimal path to creating a risk-efficient portfolio designed to meet long-term return objectives.

5. Fight For Lower Fees

Consistent manager outperformance is hard to come by. We only invest in active managers who can not only clearly articulate but also prove to us their “edge” produced by their distinctive strategies. Otherwise, we favor the lowest-cost providers in efficient markets and pass along those fee savings.