Solutions for Individual & Family Office Investors

Our team uses unique investment strategies derived from our institutional expertise, relationships, and practices while delivering an unprecedented level of customization for each investor.

Integrated Relationship Management

Halite acts as your advocate to ensure all parties involved in managing your financial life are actively in sync and communicating through a common channel.

Proprietary Institutional-Based Investment Program

  • Portfolio Construction Goals

  • Wealth Preservation Framework

  • Exclusive Fund Access

  • Risk Management

Wealth Advisory

To create long-term stewards of wealth, our team advises our partners on asset allocation, withdrawal strategies, portfolio reviews, expenses and budgeting, stock concentration, retirement planning, and more.

Philanthropic Planning

Philanthropic planning is a fundamental tenet at Halite. Giving back to our communities is part of our everyday life. We understand that charitable giving is a key component of your financial life; it’s your impact on those around you that ensures you live your world a better place for generations to come.

Tax Planning

We address complex tax planning, including reviewing cost-basis and realized gains, carrying forward and harvesting losses, and working through deductions, credits, and potential Roth conversions.

Estate Strategy

Wills, power of attorney, trusts, and assistance to loved ones are decisions that affect you and your family. We honor the importance of these decisions and align our investment strategies to your intentions.

Insurance Strategy

From reviews of existing policies and benefits to life insurance need analysis and long-term care and disability insurance, we work with you to ensure the appropriate risk management and insurance strategies align with the rest of your financial plan.

Business Exit Services

Advisory services to create strategic design of the sale of a business to help meet financial and personal goals.

Family Office Services

Coordinate team of professionals (accountants, attorneys, bankers) to safeguard multigenerational needs.

Understanding Independence

The only revenue received is revenue paid by our clients. We do not charge investment firms a fee for our evaluation services and we do not permit them to compensate our analysts in any way. Investment management research is generated solely for the benefit of our clients and is never sold or released to outside organizations. Halite has created strict policies and procedures to protect our clients from potential conflicts and to maintain the independence of our manager research function. We exemplify what it means to be a fiduciary. We refuse to engage in any activity or relationship that might jeopardize our conflict-free business model.