Solutions For Institutions

Our team possesses an exceptional depth of skills in portfolio management. Our proprietary institutional-based investment strategies focus on the fundamental thinking essential to achieving long-term goals, investment in assets we believe to be intrinsically undervalued, monitoring market dislocations, and prudent diversification necessary to meet return objectives.

40+ Years Proudly Serving

  • Endowments

  • Foundations

  • Corporate Defined Benefit Pensions

  • Health Systems

Halite Investment Framework

Understanding Independence

Investment management is our business. The only revenue received is revenue paid by our clients. We do not charge investment firms a fee for our evaluation services and we do not permit them to compensate our analysts in any way. Investment management research is generated solely for the benefit of our clients and is never sold or released to outside organizations. Halite has created strict policies and procedures to protect our clients from potential conflicts and to maintain the independence of our manager research function. We exemplify what it means to be a fiduciary. We refuse to engage in any activity or relationship that might jeopardize our conflict-free business model.